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See how much homeowners contribute

to the Virginia Beach tax base

Virginia Beach has one of the most unbalanced tax bases in the United States ... more



Residential - 84.4%

Commercial - 13.7%

Hotels - 1.9%

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Read these documents about the conflict of interest involved in the council giving away Princess Anne Park to Sentara Health Systems.  These are the actual documents of the council/Sentara "conspiracy".

  • The Power Point Presentation given by Mayor Orbendorf, Barry Frankenfield and Donald Jellig at the parks and recreation meeting in Reno, NV.
  • The transcript of the Reno, NV parks and recreation meeting. The section on Virginia Beach starts on page 52.
  • The 26 briefs that have been filed with the Supreme Court of the United States in the eminent domain case of Kelo vs the City of New London, CT are located here.

    Have we crossed the Rubicon?

  • Impeach Federal Activist Judges - In all my years dealing with constitutional law, I have always said no to judicial impeachment but the Schiavo matter is dramatically different.
  • Dred Scott and Terri Schiavo -- The long and tortured Death of the 14th Amendment at the hands of the Federal Judiciary

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